Tuesday, July 28, 2009

But then it was our favorite old power supper.

When the dog cut his foot and dripped blood all over the back steps and made prints through the house, after a collision with the boy wherein he wound up with a rashed and scratched bottom and a big mark across his nose, and the bath was needed along with Bactine and mama tending.... there was no forty minutes to cook the rice.

After a moment of pause in thinking we'd just order out, as we were all on edge, I recalled that I'd taken two ribeyes from the deep freeze the day previous, in order to fill my husband's request for steak and eggs, a favorite old standby from the earliest days of our courtship and marriage whenever we needed to power up.

And these were amazingly delicious grass fed locally and humanely raised beef steaks, served up alongside farm fresh eggs (sunny side up for me and the Mister, boiled for the boy), sliced tomatoes from our garden, and old timey oven toast, big Midwestern inspired glasses of milk, and tiny tumblers of orange juice. It was so good and so needed, I only took this photo after we'd demolished our fare.

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  1. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I still love you, lady with the pink mother of pearl glasses frames. You make my day whenever I have a chance to read YOU.