Thursday, January 6, 2011

What would make this more readable and pleasing from a design standpoint?

Would love feedback from the hundred or so of you who look at this daily. One of my goals this year is to blog regularly, grow a more consistent and expansive readership, and to utilize this blog as a calling card to court some paying writing gigs to supplement our income and give me another creative outlet.

For years, I've talked about moving this blog to WordPress or TypePad or.... I've also talked about purchasing a domain name. I've talked with bloggers I admire and read (Meredith, Katie, and others.) I've messed a bit with design here to streamline.

I think about putting recipes on one page or on another linked blog. Same with health goals.

I'm just not sure.

Some folks have suggested I have a logo / banner developed, and I'm game to consider any of it.

I'd love for you to weigh in. Pretty please?

What would YOU like to see?
What would keep you coming back?


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Ok - trying this again. I realized that I answered a question you didn't ask in my deleted comment. LOL

    Hi! I'm Barb from Cleaning up the Clutter. I saw your comment on Katie's blog, just under mine and recognized your blog name. I'm asking myself the same questions you are! I've thought about moving to Wordpress and even started a blog over there to learn how to use it. That's my holdup - it's not as user friendly as blogger and seems to require a big time investment to figure it out. I need a class!
    Anyway, I think a recipe tab under your header would be nice!

  3. I liked your feedback that you deleted!! (I read it in email.) I feel honored that you took the time to respond, Barb. Thank you so much. I'll think on this, see what others have to add, and I'll also be glad to think of these questions for you in return.

  4. Last year I switched from blogger to wordpress, and didn't find it that difficult. The way you upload and manage photos is so much better, and I end up wasting less time because things work correctly the first time.

    I would love to be able to read your entire post in my reader. Currently it is just the first couple of sentences.

  5. I'd be able to read more easily if you allowed your full posts to be viewable in the RSS feeds. Right now, they only show the title and I have to click through to view the full post. Not a big deal really but most all the blogs I follow and often read from Google Reader show the full post in the feed.

  6. I agree with comments above about being able to read the entire post through Google Reader. I personally hope to transition from a blogspot address to a website with my own domain name sometime this year. I think that suits itself to several different tabs, with the main one featuring a blog. I've been glad to see you most more regularly of late. I find the blogs I enjoy the most post 3-4 times weekly - enough that I feel connected, but not so often that I can't keep up.

  7. Whew! Thought I was overstepping. If you do decide to move your blog, I'd be curious to know how you do it.

  8. not at all, Barb. I think you had some really good points and ideas!!

  9. the rest of you: thanks for your great feedback. I think the reader thing is just an issue of my ticking the right box, and honestly, it'd never occurred to me, so I'm so glad y'all brought it up.

  10. Hey Paige! I can help with whatever you need. (Design is what I do for a living!) :)

    -Dustin Soper

  11. Your soulful, great writing (and interpretation of your life) keeps me coming back, Paige. I like the WordPress blogs I've seen. I think your parents need to buy you a nice, expensive camera so you can have all sorts of fun with that ;). I agree that a recipe tab would be nice.

  12. Dustin, thank you! If I determine to make changes, I'll keep you in mind. Thanks for your very kind offer.

    Beverly :)

    Those of you who asked for the full feed in your readers, are you getting it now?