Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nashville Nurse-In Wrap Up.

Here in Nashville we co-created a beautiful and empowering action this morning!!

The babies & children were fantastic and adorable, the dads were supportive and invaluable in their presence, and the mamas rocked the house!! Together we assembled a delightfully warm, peaceful, articulate and personable group – we shone light on a lifestyle, family and health issue in just the right way to illuminate the natural, normal beauty of the nursing relationship in its many facets. I am proud to have been among the folks who participated.

Present were: 9 nursing mamas, 1 grandmother, 3 fathers of nurslings and 12 babies & children. 25 total participants.

We stayed for close to two hours at BNA and our action was covered by the three major networks (no Fox) & an AP reporter & photographer for the Tennessean. Most of us were interviewed AT LEAST once. Dads, too. I was so proud of my son and of my husband. Both were fully engaged and fabulous.

With the exception of perhaps two or three quizzical glances, we nursing families were met with great welcome, kindness and support. Two older women who’d nursed their babies years ago stopped to congratulate us and cheer us onward. One even was interviewed by the news. Another older couple stopped to speak with some mamas; the gentleman worked for Delta and wanted to express his support of us. An airport employee gave stickers to all the kids and an American Airlines flight attendant stopped to tell us that not all in her profession were offended by breastfeeding, that she herself was so glad to see us.

We left feeling good and strong and hopeful.

Link to the story that ran this morning here.

More by and by.


  1. good for you!!! I haven't had a nursling in about 7 years, and it still AMAZES me everytime I hear about someone having a problem with nursing. Hell, they should be thanking the women who are nursing their babies! You're not only doing something good for the kid and yourself, but for society, and nature. Kudos to the proud nursing mamas out there!

  2. I'm so glad it went so well! Good for you all! And I'm thrilled to hear of all the support you had. WONDERFUL!!!

    Momma to Jack
    Nursing for 15 months, 2 weeks, and four days.

  3. I wish that I had been in town so that I could have participated. A woman from my church said that she saw you all and thought your signs were great.

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