Ms. Booty Homemaker is Paige La Grone Babcock.

I'm a writer and a school teacher. Also importantly a mother, a wife, a sister and an adult daughter.

I believe vehemently in a loving God and do my best to follow Jesus, though often tell folks that we're not drinking the same Jesus juice. I love my gay friends and my atheist friends, my fundamentalist Christian friends, my students who hope to get jumped into a gang. I love my brown people and my creamy colored people and everyone in between including the guy who wears a long wig on the weekends and puts on heels. I love my Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, Mennonite and Unitarian friends. I love the guy down the street who doesn't know what he is. I have a harder time loving the folks from, say, the Westboro Baptist Church or people who blow up abortion clinics in the name of religion.... but I try.  I believe God loves all of them, too, no exceptions.

I love to garden, cook, and to eat, as attested by my ample self, something I alternately fight and attempt to appreciate. Alcohol disagrees with me, and I'm a former smoker (the worst kind, who really hates it now.) My essential household ingredients include French Roast coffee, half and half, good toilet paper, fresh linens on the bed, eggs and bacon or steak and some kind of greens. I'm also crazy partial to cilantro, real butter, summer tomatoes, lentils, Indian and Mexican foods. I am also a fool for Thai or good Chinese. Bubble tea makes me giggle. Hot chicken is the bomb diggity for celebrations of all kinds.

I have a Master's degree in education and really only discovered what kind of student I can be in my forties, which is to say, a pretty darned good one. I fantasize about going to divinity school.

I was born in Rochester, New York and grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Damascus, Maryland, Danville, California and Oak Ridge, Tennessee with a strong dose of the piney woods of Deep East Texas from whence my parents come. As an adult, I've made homes and various livings in Chattanooga, Chicago, and Seattle. I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee, my adopted hometown, and feel really grounded here. I have lived here longer than I've lived anywhere in my life, though I've lived in a series of rental homes. I dream of being a home owner with a backyard full of chickens. I thought it would have happened by now, but life unrolled in other directions.

I love books, but also, when I'm honest, I'll tell you that I love television, too. Generally, I don't watch it at regular times, and we don't have cable, but I'm all about a series on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

I love music, and love to sing. I am a mean slinky player. One of my favorite things is making up silly songs as I go through my day, so you may find me in the Aldi aisle serenading the avocados.

My heart is open to the idea of being a foster and / or adoptive parent. My husband, who is clearly wonderful on many fronts and the best mate I could ask for, says he won't shut out the the idea and will also remain open. Our son would adore a sibling (or two.) There may be a beyond our wildest dreams plan yet to play itself out.

I am blessed to have an abundance of dear friends, a community I feel called to be part of and to serve, and the sweetest most challenging family a middle aged gal could wish for. My beloved mother died recently, after a long illness. The grief is enormous. I can't imagine going through this with anyone other than "my people."

I've been explaining it all to you as Ms. Booty Homemaker off and on since my pregnancy with my son in 2005.

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