I am a school teacher. I have a Bachelors degree in Theatre and Speech and in English Literature and Masters in education. I am a certified and licensed educator in Tennessee.

Since I was a child myself, I held Mother's Day Out programs in my backyard. I whipped up theatrical productions with neighborhood kids and have taught at public and private schools in many capacities, as well as been a non profit educator and a religious educator of peace and social justice.

I have taught drama, creative writing, and reading. I have also been a public school science enrichment teacher and have taught self contained fourth grade as well as alternative school for children grades five through twelve. I have taught homebound children (due to illness or pregnancy,) and have taught a lot of Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, too.

Currently, I serve as a one on one for trio of kids at a public school, and I do private tutoring.

I look at it all as Kingdom Work, though you won't find me preachy in the classroom. You will find me loving my kids, giving them tools to access knowledge and advocating for their best. Charlotte Mason is one of my educational heroes.

My son is a public school student, and my husband is also a public school teacher. We're all in at present.

Corporate education reform is moving too fast and in the wrong direction. I am a big fan of Diane Ravitch, Mark Naison and others in the field who are more concerned with meeting children where they are developmentally and combating poverty-- the largest barrier to education-- than they are with test scores and implementing Common Core.

My mother was a teacher as were most of my aunts and uncles. My sister is a teacher, too.

From time to time, I'll share information about education here -- policy, practice and public for the most part, though I have a number of loved ones who homeschool or send their children to private school.

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