Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prematurely picked.

OK, master gardeners: I got overly excited about some of my lima bean production and picked. The beans aren't really developed enough for shelling on most of these (though I've small handful in a Thai style curry that's bubbling away for tonight's supper) -- so what do I do with these? The outside isn't very tender, but the beans, as I said, aren't really mature. I messed up. Banish these to the compost and just learn from my error? Or stew or roast them whole as above? I've not grown limas ever in my adult life, though I've certainly eaten them aplenty.


  1. paige i have not grown lima beans but i would be very tempted to put them in the compost, the nitrogen would make it very rich.

  2. Well, I couldn't get past the Thai style curry bubbling away on the stove. I'm impressed with your cooking skills - even steak and eggs on the fly. :) I'm learning...

  3. Rebecca, the curry was SO easy. And really tasty, though the boy rejected it, even though it'd been at his request. I'll post pics and how I did it tomorrow. REAL chefs will scoff, but home cooks will be happy!

    And oh, those steaks? Seriously, so easy. Big skillet, pat of butter, sea salt and pepper on steaks. Cook them in skillet. Do not puncture, turn over a couple times to get nice crusty outside. Take out of skillet to rest while you throw the eggs in the same skillet. You've already set the table and buttered bread on parchment lined cookie sheet in the oven. Turn on the oven. When the eggs are done, pull the toast out, then cut your meat. That's IT. But so so so good.

  4. Bummer on the limas: I doubt you will be able to eat the pods, they're too tough. Though I suppose you could boil the snot out of them with a hamhock and call it a meal. See if they have strings first.

    Yeah, they take a long time to ripen. When you can see the bean through the shell they're usually ready to go.