Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From the garden.

Pumpkin!! The better to make pie, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin butter, pumpkin pancakes, AND to serve as a vessel for prayers and messages to the Universe. Remember our wedding?

Cabbage! No idea what's frittering away at the outside leaves, but the inner head is looking mighty good these days. The better for slaw and colcannon and crunchy goodness on fish tacos. Or just cooked up with onions and a little butter, salt and pepper, old school southern style, but not so mushy.

Zucchini. A boatload of them.

Okra! Stewed or fried, doesn't matter to me. In soups and gumbo or even roasted. Having never grown it before, I'm not sure what to expect in terms of output from my two plants, started from seed.

Butternut squash twining round the bamboo teep pee poles, growing free and wild right there amongst limas and bush beans.

Aren't they lovely? The butternut squash seems to be the bumper crop this year.


Sweet red bell peppers, started from seed saved from Delvin Farms peppers. I bought and put up 40 pounds last year. I cut them up and freeze them in various sizes for use through the year, in soups, enchiladas, sauces, fajitas.... Fresh, we eat them in salads, and dragged through creamy hummus or other dips. Mmm.

Corn! The boy loves his corn on the cob.

Yesterday's harvest of tomatoes (several varieties) and zucchini and okra and bush and lima beans.

Brought inside, and placed stovetop, where I planned to make a Thai curry with coconut milk and some sauteed tofu (Ziggy's request) and brown basmati rice....

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  1. Carlene8:46 AM

    awesome garden, Paige. Hint from master gardener (my mom) that I had NO CLUE about re: okra-pick it when it's the length of your finger, otherwise it gets really tough. You probably know that already, but I ended up with ginormous okra good for nothing but making devil horns out of. Not very tasty, but lots of fun.