Wednesday, October 5, 2005


many many kind thanks to all who've expressed well wishes via email & phone. there's hardly been time to receive all messages, let alone respond.

our ziggy was born sunday september 25 after 25 plus hours of labor and subsequent to the necessitated C section delivery, a hospital stay and coming home, mama booty developed an infection in the surgical incision. resultantly, ms. booty has been put on total activity restriction, basically homebound but busy w/ a gorgeous and much adored newborn: nurse,diaper change, burp, snuggle, nurse, snuggle, burp, diaper change, snuggle, diaper change, burp, nurse. (this 8 pound 7 oz bundle of joy has us beyond smitten and took no time to become master of the nest. )

plus which, ms. booty can not bring herself to forsake her shower for even a day (too important to remaining fresh and at failsafe place) and insists on some kind of soft, comfy and pretty clothing for herself daily. that, and lipgloss. makes a booty more mamalicious.

never thought it'd be said, but this homemaker can notWAIT to return to chores! despite help from the wonderful grandmother and the beloved daddy booty, laundry piles up, the dog hair procreates in corners of its own and mama booty is chomping at the bit to resume daily walking out of doors.... that'll be awhile yet, though.

in the meantime, thank yous to those of you who know who you are. for the many kind favors, the suppers, the encouraging messages, the cards, letters, photographs and more.

bunches of love from the booty nest!


  1. Holly5:16 PM

    Mama Booty,

    This is beautiful, and I agree about the lip gloss. Congratulations, and don't be afraid to let people do things for you now.

    Does this mean you'll call your little creation "Ziggy Booty"?

  2. Dear Holly,

    Ziggy Booty will be the boy child's name here at Mama Booty Explains It All To You. While it's no big deal to out myself about whatever, my husband, child and other kith & kin deserve a bit more space between themselves and Mama Booty's readers.

    Lip Gloss rules. I'm particularly digging a shade of rasberry framboise by Almay; my mother gave it to me, and I even wore it into surgery!

    Mama Booty.

  3. Just look and you in your snug and cozy family nest!

    You have always shone so brightly, and now....
    To see you Mothering, and Parenting alongside The Ice Cream Man....
    It is treatful and glorious.

  4. Holly4:38 PM

    Oh, yes, Mama Booty, I agree. Keep private things private. I didn't mean it that way. I just think "Ziggy Booty" sounds cute.

  5. No offense taken, dear Holly! I think Ziggy Booty sounds sweet, too.

    as you were,
    Big Mama Booty.