Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Shit Watch 2006.

The rotavirus has hit the Booty home, making for one raw Baby Booty booty.

We're on Day Six, and have now made the difficult decision to forgo our upcoming Michigan trip in which we'd planned a family camp out on the way up & on the way back, visiting with the grands and a great grand; hanging with the so very wonderful extended Christenson clan to celebrate Ben's high school graduation & Mandy's college graduation and marking Memorial Day with a trip to the family plot in White Cloud, crazy competitive Christenson croquet and the meeting of our newest family member, a nephew, born in February.

Alas and alack, no journey mojo is with us. Ziggy needs home and the very young and the very elderly do not need the Booty family's booty germs.

So. Here we shall remain.

Could be days more of this puke and poop fest; My Beloved Mister is operating at less than optimal capacity and even poor Bert the Dog is pukey & puny. Only Ms. Booty H. has thus far escaped the funk.

1 comment:

  1. Hope the poop is over and out!

    Bless baby Ziggy...and best wishes for a restful and healthy holiday weekend.