Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Booty Family on WSMV.

During yesterday's park visit, WSMV News Channel 4 came to visit & film. My friend Barbara is on with her dog, and there's Mama Booty, Bert & Ziggy. Barbara is absolutely hilarious.

This mama is FAR from looking her best here w/ dirty hair in need of some serious attention and grungy frumperella dog park clothes w/ holes, but I reckon there are some of you other stay at home / work at home mamas who look as much a fright!! Let it be said, however, that Bert looks great and so does my sweet Ziggy-- there's a big close up of him that just melted Daddy Booty.


Go here:

Then, click the link titled Dog attacks prompt talk of harsher penalties to play story.


  1. I like the quote from the first lady: "He has teeth."

  2. We loved seeing Ms Booty&Company on the news clip!
    And Ziggy is just beautiful.