Sunday, May 28, 2006

We're on day ten.


  1. Feel better soon!

    I had hoped that you guys were through the worst of it by now.....
    Very sorry to hear that Daddy Booty is under the weather as well.

    We spent the day on Sand Mountain, cleaning/decorating graves and sampling everyone's potluck specialities.
    I brought my potato&artichoke- heart salad, and chocolate-chip oatmeal bars.

    Isabel had a revelatory moment regarding ancient history: ("Hey!...there was no "back then" back then, was there? So they couldn't look back and learn from the past because the past hadn't happened yet....")

    Sophie found a spider on her dress, and (to her sister's teary-eyed dismay) promptly flicked it off and stomped it dead.
    "I'm sorry" she said. "But I don't like to be crawled on."

  2. I'm so sorry and I hope that you guys get on the mend really quickly. Sending lots of love your way!