Friday, July 24, 2009

One of those off days.

Purse missing a couple days. Online banking revealed no activity. Could it have been left at Ugly Mugs? Or at Alice's? Mislaid here or there? Forgotten in the car?

Newly copied keys do not work properly, and I couldn't get into the exterior door at work. No banner retrieval for the health care reform rally tomorrow, depsite having driven all the way out there.... and the tank being near empty. Alas, no purse.

There was a sweet and enjoyable evening last night with dear old friends we'd not seen in far too long. Sadly, we have fallen out of the habit of socializing much as a family, and it always recharges us, puts us into new light, in a way, even.

And then today was a lovely impromptu visit with friends-- a gathering at a friend's home, children running about and mamas chatting and lunching. I did make a very satisfactory orzo and stars salad, repurposing the last of some vegetable enchilada filling, adding more sauteed zucchini from the garden, and onions, garlic, sweet peppers, halved tiny tomatoes, lime and cumin and olive oil and cannellini beans and corn, a smidge of the last fresh cilantro. Lots of laughing. A break in the day. A coming together after weeks of summer scatter.

And then, on the phone with Alice, who assures me the purse is not in her child's room, I spy it. Where? At the bottom of the laundry hamper beside the dryer in the kitchen. Why? I do not know. I suppose I'll find dirty laundry where the clearn ought to be, and so on....

Huge sigh of relief. Balance restored.

And sweet husband coming home with Eastside"krunkest" Fish for a fun family supper.

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