Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tonight's supper: Easy Cheesy Pie.

I saw Robin Miller do something sort of like this on the Food Network but I didn’t have the grilled chicken she used or the premade refrigerator puff pastry pie shell stuff she used for muffin tins. I didn’t have fresh parsley either, so used some dried, and didn’t have Dijon, which she used in her dish. The Worcestershire brings out a tang in the sharp cheddar instead. I added baking mix to my pie (you can make your own healthier than store bought if you like) and some organic cow milk to make it wetter.

Ziggy really loved this.

You could totally add seasonal veggies—I just was looking for something really quick to put together after spending the afternoon reading books with my boy.

Easy Cheesy Pie

2 eggs, beaten

1 C part skim ricotta cheese

¾ C extra sharp cheddar, grated

½ C onion diced

¼ C parmesan, grated

¾ C baking mix

½ C milk


1 T Worcestershire sauce



Beat eggs. Add in ricotta, cheddar, onion. Stir. Blend in everything but parmesan. Coat 9 inch pie pan or cake round with nonstick baking spray, spoon in pie. Top with parmesan. Bake at 350 for 40 minutes or until cooked through and nicely golden browned.

I served this with a really simple salad of locally grown organic delicious juliet tomatoes halved, half moons of Nancy's lemon cucumbers and thinly sliced sweet onion dressed in good EVOO, salt and pepper.

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