Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Execution Scheduled for Tonight.

FINAL Update and Instructions for Execution Night Vigil

Riverbend Prison, 7475 Cockrell Bend Blvd., Nashville

As you may know after a hearing, the state's probation and parole board recommended that the governor delay Sedley Alley's execution until DNA testing is done on several items found at the crime scene.

At this moment the execution remains on and so do our vigils statewide. There are two possible tracks that could stop the execution. Either Governor Bredesen steps forward and, in line with the board’s recommendation to him, issues a temporary reprieve and makes the DNA testing possible, or a court hearing one of Sedley Alley’s appeals on the same issue or on lethal injection protocol and stays the execution.

Therefore please continue to call Governor Bredesen at 615-741-2001 or 615532-4562 and then e-mail him through this page asking him to issue a temporary reprieve and require DNA testing to be done.

The Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killing (TCASK) will not stand down until and unless there is certainty that the scheduled execution of Sedley Alley is stopped for now. Okay, now the scoop for tonight in Nashville (for info on other vigils click here)…

WHAT: Interfaith Service followed by a Vigil (Witness) to the execution of Sedley Alley
WHEN: 9:00 – 10:00 pm (Interfaith Service)
10:00 pm - ~1:05 am (Vigil)

WHERE: Riverbend Maximum Security Institute (RMSI), 7475 Cockrell Bend Blvd
(west end of property – drive until Cockrell Bend dead-ends)

WHY: Because we oppose, some for moral and others for practical reasons, the use of violence by the state as a policy response to the tragedy of murder in our community (both real and imagined). We will pray and vigil for the pain and anguish suffered by the parents and relatives of Suzanne Marie Collins as well for the children and relatives of Sedley Alley who, as the product of state policy are asked to become, like the Collins’ family members, survivors of homicide victims.

RULES: TCASK as an organization expects any individuals or groups of individuals attending a vigil to conduct themselves in accordance with the general principles of non-violence.

Do BRING a camping (folding) chair to sit in and make yourself comfortable.
Do NOT bring anything that could be construed as a weapon ANYWHERE on your person or in your car.
Do NOT bring any non-prescription drugs or alcohol in your vehicle.
The utmost respect for the victim’s family in both conduct and statements should be shown. Employees of Riverbend Maximum Security Institute (RMSI) are not to be the target of any negative statements. Anyone making personal statements against a guard or other RMSI employee will be asked to leave the premises.

EXPECT: For your vehicle and person to be searched by Highway Patrolpersons and/or RMSI guards.

For there to be drug-sniffing dogs used to search your vehicle.

For helicopters to be part of the security regimen.

Expect tents to offer cover from inclement weather.

For TCASK to have trained peacekeepers on site to help manage the emotions of the evening. Therefore, expect to be in a safe space both physically and emotionally.

For pro-execution people to be at the prison but kept apart from our service and vigil.

It to be chilly and damp – dress accordingly.

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