Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stocking stuffers and goodies for girls and boys.


Excellent for holiday giving, I've supplies to make a limited run (to order) of Ms. Booty Homemaker's Potions.


Ms. Booty Homemaker's Potions

*Bath & body ($12 ea.) 
or **body & room spray ($10 per) in various yummaliciousness including:

Sleepy Booty Baby & Kids
(settle for slumber)

Shake Your Booty
(Get your sass on. Invigorating!)

Love Your Mama
(MBH's signature scent. Earthy.)

Bug Off Booty
(room & body spray only -- buzzy buggies be gone. Safe for children.)

Joy Warrior
(Arise! Get your Julia Ward Howe on. Spread peace and joy.)

Happy Family
(room & body spray only -- Cranky kidlets? Quarreling spouses? Witching hour? Lighten and brighten up. Be good family.)

And especially good for this time of year:

Mama Booty's Snuffle Muffle & Ache Aid

(available in room & body spray only -- Soothe the sickies.)

Homemade with love and care with essential oils and natural ingredients. Packaged in non breakable aluminum spray bottles. Refills available at a reduced price!

*Bath & Body sprays are intended for use on human and domestic pets after bathing -- these contain moisturizing agents.

**Room & Body sprays are intended for use to mist on clothing, in the air, on pillows or to freshen laundry.

Hyper local yokel (East Nashville) free delivery available.

To order: (MBH Potions in subject line, please)

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