Friday, December 3, 2010

Good friends, deep thoughts, conversation.

Lily is one of Ziggy's favorite friends. Here they are above having a pizza movie party a few months ago at our home. They wore jammies and watched Babe and sat on the coffee table.

They've known each other since Ziggy's second birthday, on which we met at the little park by our old house on Rosebank. And lo, these years later, the two attend the same elementary school in the middle of town, though they are each in a different kindergarten class. Over the years these two have attended one another's birthday parties, played at the park, and spent time with one another's families. Lily's mother and father are very dear. We sometimes carpool and swap out kidcare. Some years back, we all went to the circus together and the kids rode ponies and elephants.

This morning, I took these two to Pancake Pantry for a special breakfast before school, which meant extra early bedtimes last night, and an extra early commute into town this morning. Ziggy had pigs in a blanket, Lily had silver dollar pancakes with strawberries on the side. I had an omelet and hash browns.

What follows is the conversation that unfolded immediately upon sitting at the table and with absolutely NO lead in.

Ziggy: God is surrounding us. 

Lily: Yes. Because God is in everything. 

Ziggy: God is even in you, Mama. 

Ms. Booty Homemaker: Yes. God is all around me. 

Lily: God is inside you! 

Ms. Booty Homemaker: Right. And in each of you.

Ziggy: You're a sister, Lily. 

Lily: Because Nina is my baby sister!

Ziggy: Well, actually, there's another way you are a sister. You are a sister of God. Or a daughter. Like a sister of Jesus or a daughter or a son. 

Lily: My mom said she's never going to give birth again. 

Ziggy: Your mom is never going to have birthdays again?!

Ms. Booty Homemaker: I think she means she's not going to have anymore babies. Like I'm probably not going to, either, unless we adopt. 

Lily: So I guess that means there will be no more boys. [sigh]

Ziggy: Yeah there will! Because of Dad and Bert....

At this point the kids shared the toys they brought for the school toy drive, our meals came, and we broke the fast before heading over to school.

I feel honored to spend time in the company of these delicious children.

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