Thursday, September 15, 2005

And The Summer's Come Undone....

Yukking it up.... Sunday in the park.
Ms. Booty & Mama Loca.
Ziggy's first rock band tee shirt-- courtesy of Uncle Jeff & Aunt La.
Hot Chicken in The 'Hood!! East Nashville's own Bolton's, whose chicken is tasty, but whose fish is WOW.
My Mister caught this shot just at twilight.

Sister Dana celebrates her birthday AGAIN-- this time in East Nashville with the family favorite: Peggy's Cranberry Coffee Cake. This one did not hit the linoleum.
Daddy Booty with his first Father's Day loot: camo Skip Hop messenger style diaper bag filled with goodies, including the Wee Block to curb errant streams from his son to be....
My Mister and his folks at the Taste of Music City.
Em & Sue at one of our frequent lunches at Taste of India. Mmmm. Get your naan on, sister!
Big Mama Booty and the Little Bit nieces readying for a swim at Diggy & Papa's in East Tennessee.


  1. For the love of all that's holy, stop posting and go have a baby already!! ;)

  2. Oh, but would I could, Angela!! Yesterday's visit to the midwives suggested I plan for going the distance....

    So I'm wrapping my head around THAT and keeping the body otherwise occupied.


  3. LOVE these pics!
    Thanks for sharing your world,
    Ms Booty.

  4. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Great pix, Mama Booty, from the past few entries. You look beautiful.