Monday, April 30, 2007


Ziggy has gone, and is going through, a rabid desire to kiss.

And kiss. And kiss.


Mommy's "grown up" drinking glass (a milk glass loaded with my occasional drinking vice: caffeine free diet coke with ice and lime wedges).

Our morning coffee cups.

His friends.

Our friends.

Dogs. Cats. Rabbits. (yes, he met one at Earth Day in the park).

A few weeks back, as Ziggy was chasing Junie Moon and she hissed, causing his chin to wobble and his eyes to well up, his father dropped this piece of wisdom ever so sweetly, "The best time to kiss someone is when they're sleeping."

And so.

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  1. We've gone through that, as well as "I love you"s to inanimate objects. "Iwuvoo, lawn mower."