Thursday, May 6, 2010

Parents with kids at home who want to help with flood relief.

i keep hearing from lots of people about this issue. everyone wants to help, but with kids in tow, clearly some sites and jobs aren't a good fit. in light of that, and of multiple phone calls and emails asking, "How can we help people affected by flooding when we've got kids at home" here follow my suggestions based on what i'd be doing if i weren't busy cleaning up our own flood mess:

make and deliver sandwiches, suppers, cookies or other "happies" (like good coffee!) to people affected by flooding.

pool resources and offer cooperative childcare for families who're invested in cleanup.

join w/ churches who are already offering services (like East's Jackson Park Church of Christ or Dalewood Baptist or Otter Creek of Belmont UMC or others) by helping to make lunches / suppers, passing out water, or offering childcare at the church itself.

gather supplies for flood buckets and other known needs and deliver to Family Resource Centers (Martha O'Bryan, St. Luke's Community House, Edgehill Resource Center, etc.) and / or to shelters (JCC, Lipscomb, etc.) and / or to Disaster Relief Centers (East Park Community Center, Coleman Community Center, etc.)

I've been so happy to have friends w/ kids stop by briefly over the last couple days to lend moral support, smiles, lunch, cookies or a brownie, and a hug. somw3etimes a mama might also be able to help move things or help make a plan of action while the kids look at PBS.

additionally, moms w/ tots in tow, if off city water, can gather laundry for folks and go do it for them.

things like running errands are helpful, too -- post office, grocery store, donation drop offs. many of us who are home cleaning up also have things to donate to others (like I have clothing to drop off to neighbors in need)

oh, and dog walking! gather the kids and your friends' pets and take a stroll.

hopefully helpful to some of you mamas (AND dads, grands and other caregivers) who want so much to do something, but aren't quite sure how to do so with kids in tow.
if you find this helpful, feel free to repost -- add links if you care to.
sorry for the lack of links, i'm doing this quick-like.

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