Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Open letter of gratitude to my neighbors.

Alan, Catherine, Ken, Mike, Richard, Shelley, Megan, Max, and another dozen of you I either didn't get names from or I can't recall: thank you. Your help yesterday and today was invaluable in pumping and repumping our basement, breaking down the cellar door, then unloading the basement, bagging, hauling and taking care of debris.

My family and I can not adequately express our gratitude and the humble aw shucksness we feel for you and for our community at large.

Thanks to the man in the orange shirt who noticed the burden of our sunporch and helped me be aware of how to address it.

Thank you each for your warmth, kindness, good humor and unfailing spirit. I honestly believe that because I was so grateful for your presence, help and moral support, I moved beyond grief at what was lost and could so clearly see what was gained.

I'll be covered up here much of the week, but if I can be of service in the future, holler at me. You know where to find me, be it for a meal or child wrangling or a run to the ER.

Blessings on you. All of you. All of us.

With love,
paige and the Family Babcock, on Rosebank

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