Friday, May 7, 2010

Nashville Flood Relief: Support Local Farmers.

Please share widely. Particularly in the absence of a joyful parade this year, consider support of local farmers as part of your Mother's Day call to action.

Women, and mothers in particular, wield tremendous consumer purchasing power and we vote with our dollars for our priorities. Let us show what we value by stepping up and out in support of local farmers -- WITH our kids in tow. Not only will our children learn about healthy and sustainable green choices, but also about community building, and how there are windows to grace, living breathing blessing, in being awake and alive a part of it all.

Paige La Grone Babcock, mother of Ziggy

From my lovely and brilliant friend Camille:

Nashville Friends, we've all been working so hard to come to the aid of our friends and neighbors who were hit so hard by this flood, and this weekend, we have yet another opportunity to provide much-needed support. All over the Nashville area, farmer's markets will be open for business and will be needing our dollars to get through this disaster. Many of our local farmers were severely impacted by the flooding and it is vital that they sell this weekend what they have available before it goes bad. The anticipated yields of many of these farms may be significantly diminished by this crazy weather event, so let's do what we can to support them right now.

In my neck of the woods, my family and I will be hitting the West Nashville Farmer's Market some time between 9 and noon. You can find more information about this particular market at:

Down south, the Franklin Farmer's Market will be hopping from 8-1 with all sorts of stuff going on:

The East Nashville Farmer's Market is on Wednesdays during the growing season, but those same farmers were impacted by the flooding. All you folks across the bridge stroll through the market next week and find something yummy for your dinner table. More info here:

And of course,the Nashville Farmer's Market will have stalls open for business. That area was especially hard hit by the flood, so if you plan to visit that market, please do check the web site for crucial info (parking, entrance, etc.):

Moms at home with small children, this is a great opportunity to participate in the flood relief effort. I know that figuring out how to be of service while continuing to care for your little ones is a huge challenge. Here's a solution: take the family to the market. There will be much to see and do and I bet you'll run into friends there!

This flood has been a humbling, scary event here in Nashville. In my eyes, it has also been an amazing community-building tool for us. Let's seize this opportunity to continue to provide flood relief to those in need by supporting our beloved LOCAL FARMERS!

In Peace, Camille Turner (mother of Cy)

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