Saturday, March 13, 2010

Scattershot with Spring on the way....

* I finally kicked a month long battle with double ear infection, sinus infection and bronchitis. Just in time for Ziggy and the Mister to get an adeno-virus with lots of coughing and snot and double pink eye for the latter.

* Ziggy and I now have viral ear infections and more congestion crud.

* We carry on! Spring is coming.

* Ziggy started at a new preschool, so he is now next door to me at work. We love the closeness, the simplicity, the sweetness of walking from office to school and vice versa. We've lost an hour of commute time a day almost, making for better stewardship on fuel and on our togetherness.

* Work is intense right now for me with financial struggle for the organization. I try to be proactive and smart, not overly worried. Of course, there are concerns. If only I can hold steady during the next half year to keep Ziggy in one school and make the transition to kindergarten more streamlined and less interrupted by yet another transition in job or school change.

* The Mister made an A in his first grad school class. We are proud of him.

* Ziggy has declared the desire for a "spend the night party." Never having NOT slept with us, save for a few months of beginning the night in his own bed, I told him I'd be happy for him to do it if I believed he'd be comfortable without us. Thus was born the plan for him to sleep in his own bed for thirty nights in order to gain enough confidence to have the party he desires. The first two nights, he began in his own bed, and joined us near two or three. And then last night, Zig spent the whole night (with the insertion of a potty and snack break near three) in his own bed. We are so proud of him and for him. He beamed and circled the number one on his Big Boy Bed Chart.

* This morning, he came to our room before the sun was up fully to tell us he was lonely. But he did it.

* And then, he asked us what would happen if we were both dead in the house and he was alone. I had to bring my coffee into the living room to engage for that one.

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