Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jesus is a super hero,

One day recently in the car:

Ziggy: Do mouses have bones?

MBH: Mouses? Yes. They have bones, why?

Ziggy: I want to see them. I want to see the bones of mouses because I'm interested and I've never seen them in my life.

MBH: Well, the mouse would have to be dead.

Ziggy: OK. So we need Daddy to get a gun and kill the mouse so I can see the bones. Do you think he can do that?


On our most recent family movie night, we watched Fantasia. This, of course, led to great discussion on gods, goddesses, and mythology.

Ziggy: So that one is the god of the sky?

Daddy: Well, we don't really believe that, but people a long time ago believed that.

Ziggy: I believe it.

Daddy: OK. That's the great thing. You can decide for yourself what you believe.

Ziggy: Do you believe in the gods and in mythology?

Daddy: I believe in parts of it, yes.

Ziggy: I believe it. I believe ALL of it.


Snuggled up in the big bed, I ask Ziggy jokingly if he loves me best. For the longest, he has declared that Diggy loves him best and he jokes about who he loves best. This time, he tells me an emphatic "No!" echoing what he tells me when I say safety is the most important ("No, Jesus and God are most important.") or what he tells me when I've directed him to do something ("You are not the boss. Jesus and God are the bosses.")

A few days later, there is this exchange on the new red sofa one early morning.

MBH: So honey, I'm curious. Did someone tell you you have to love Jesus and God best, or did you decide that on your own?

Ziggy: I decided that.

MBH: Ah, OK.

Ziggy: You see, Jesus -- God's son -- is the most powerfulest in the world. So it turns out, I decided that Jesus and God are the best.


  1. Paige, you seriously need to buy an owl pellet kit for dissection. It is amazingly cool to see the tiny mouse bones in the owl's waste. One of our favorite projects ever!