Sunday, July 19, 2009

Spiderman, Spiderman, he can do whatever a spider can....

In the car on the way from the Y where we've picked up sign up information for soccer and on the way to "town" for play and for errands, "No, mama, it wouldn't be embarrassing. I don't mind if you are a team parent for my soccer."

In the car on the way to Dragon Park before going to Trader Joe's and after hitting Broadway shoes on Demonbreun, "This is the darndest red light in the whole world, 'cause it's taking so long to turn green."

In the car after Dragon Park, "Mom, is there a tooth fairy in this world?"

Then Trader Joe's. For bananas and organic milk and lemons and limes, and for whole wheat naan (which the boy loves loves loves and insists on calling pita) to go with the requested Indian food supper of chicken (meh, he thinks) and dal (which he also loves, save for the tomato bits, and insists on calling "don.") Oh, and raita, which we just call yogurt sauce mostly, and the boy's without cucumber.

And at Trader Joe's upon seeing his favorite worker named John, "Hey, John! It's me again!" And high fives and big toothy grins exchanged and a balloon given and all is right with the world, which may, or may not, have a tooth fairy in it.

In the car in the Trader Joe's parking lot before pulling out and headed toward home for yard play and supper cooking and eating,"I know you will love me when you are an old woman and I am a big grown man, and will you name me Olen then?"

Home again, just before the evening meal, the boy finds a spider. A spider so big his daddy sees it from 25 feet away while standing in the sunroom, though he thinks from that distance it is a cricket. Not a cricket. A spider. The spider above.

After the meal, the boy says, "Now, Mama, let's look this spider up on a website and see what kind it is. Let's take pictures and put it on the blog on the computer."

So here you are. I'm thinking wolf spider.

And also that the boy child needs his own blog.

Stay tuned.

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