Monday, June 29, 2009

Mama Monday: our world through the child's eyes.

My friend Julie initiated what she's calling Mama Mondays a couple weeks ago, encouraging those of us who blog and are usually behind the camera, to step on out in front of it. I forgot last week, but remembered this morning, and decided I'd forgo Julie's suggestion to the timid (or smartly image conscious) to take a weekend pretty pic, and just shot myself in front of the kitchen sink and window after I'd been out watering the garden, played with the Playmobil nativity set, hauled out the playdough with cutting board & rolling pin, and had cooked breakfast (those farm fresh eggs from our weekly CSA share-- never have you seen or tasted more pillowy orange yolked decidedly delicious goodness!!-- have the boy head-over-heels about scrambled with toast, a breakfast / lunch that he can even help prepare.)

Having espied me with the camera and wanting to do "morning homeschool" today, Ziggy begged for instruction on how to use the camera. With very little to-do, I showed him how to put the strap 'round his wrist to decrease the likelihood of droppage, told him to examine his world through the view finder, and shoot by clicking the button. I also promised that I'd put his results on my blog, as he is increasingly fond of looking at it and learning about it. Zig was a natural, even telling me where and how to stand, or when he had us move into the livingroom, lay. He also wanted to take a self portrait, and one of us together, as he's seen me do. As you'll see, there's no pre-tidy nor vanity. This, dear friends, is the unvarnished bird's eye view of a slice of our life at home this morning: clutter, double chins and all.

As per my dear boy....


  1. You appear so in motion. :)

  2. What a gift it is to be alive, to love each other, and to have time to spend together.

  3. Court, you're right! But he did well for a first timer, don't you think? And there are a couple that are more still....

    Beverly, Amen!! Yes and yes. It's a wonderful blessed thing.

  4. Anonymous8:41 AM

    i recognize that apatosaurus! so glad that he is loving it as much as isabel did back in the day.
    love the top pic of you. you look look so young and free.