Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cheese with eyes.

Back in late November of last year, Ziggy and I were shopping one morning at our neighborhood Kroger. We rolled up an aisle we rarely visited, to purchase a birthday card or a magazine with recipes, most likely. With great enthusiasm, Ziggy stopped and flagged and gasped over a magazine cover on the lowest shelf, "Look! MAMA!! It's our president: Barack Obama!" After which he noticed the cover next, announcing, "And hey, Mama, look here-- it's cheese with eyes!"

Said cheese was none other than Sponge Bob Square Pants. As seen above, one of Ziggy's favorite recent acquisitions from a passel of hand-me-downs, is a pair of "Cheese-with-Eyes undies."

I made a most excellent corn and black bean and tomato and avocado salad yesterday. Dressed it with sea salt, lime zest and juice, olive oil and cilantro. So fresh and cooling, an excellent accompaniment to the vegetable enchiladas I've been making the last couple years, expanding on the recipe I received from Emily some time back.... I made them recently for a co-worker of My Beloved Mister, as he and his wife recently had a baby. And then yesterday I made a pan for a neighborhood homeschooling mama friend, who, with her family, is in process of packing up and heading for an adventure living in the DC area, near my childhood home in Maryland.

Ziggy and I got in the car yesterday afternoon to deliver the meal, coming inside shortly thereafter due to a dead battery: our second aborted attempt at leaving the driveway --the first when the hurt arm turned out not to be broken afterall, discerned only after the boy's hysteria abated. (Oddest thing: as I stood not a foot away, folding laundry and chatting with my father by telephone, Ziggy tumbled from the bed, landing on his arm.)

My friend and her youngest son (of four) came by to pick up the meal instead, and the boys blew bubbles for a short bit while I gave her a tour of the garden, excitedly showing her the baby okra that really do look like small penises, and the butternut squashes that at this time look womblike, the fertile flowers that bloom into fruit on tomato plants tethered to their trellis.... All this sex and production in the garden is giddy making goodness!

Today Triple A came by. My battery announced not just dead, but D.E.A.D. and in need of replacement. I offer up my gratitude for the resources available to replace it at this time, for the luxury of being "stranded" at home rather than on the highway or in town somewhere in the heat with a small child.

I wanted to share, too, that yes, the rumors are true. Like Nia Vardalos, I am breaking up with cheese. (Though not before I finish that wheel of double creme brie in the fridge.) I will cook with and eat all the food remaining here at the Booty household, but we're in transition, weaning ourselves from "white" foods, going whole hog whole grain and moving toward a more health inclusive diet. We've always eaten healthy good foods, lots of them whole. But we've also kept treats around and frankly, my tendency toward over-doing has become a problem -- in the absence of certain resources and the quality and quantity of time I desire with my mate, I've been comfort eating in a big way. I feel lousy, look lousy, don't want that anymore.... And I'm dragging my family along with me, inspired by the efforts of Mama Loca, best friend and almost sister of the last twenty some-odd years. I said at the beginning of the year that I wanted to drop 50 lbs. I've got 6 months to work toward that.

I could give a rat's ass about fitting into my size 10 jeans or ever being comfortable in a bikini again. I mean, sure, I want to feel like I'm looking closer to my best, but ultimately, I want to feel GOOD. And I want to remain healthy and alive for mself, my son, my husband, my family and friends. Copping to it here and elsewhere is declaration of intent, raising the bar a bit.

Ziggy has continued to add to our list of Family Rules over the last week, with the following an addendum to our original list:

* When your shirt is dirty, put it in the hamper.
*Ask for help when something is a problem.
* The fan is not a toy. It is a tool.
* Be gentle to the animals.
* After you pee, close the toilet so Bert doesn't drink out of it.

My sister turns forty this week. Welcome to this decade, sis! We look forward to being all together to celebrate.


  1. Mmmmm.... corn and black bean salad sounds so good. And love the description of your burgeoning garden.

  2. Melanee3:44 PM

    Proud of you, Paige!

  3. Melanee3:47 PM

    I also have to share our Spongebob story. A few years ago, Luke wanted to watch the show, but I wasn't so fond of it, so I said no. Luke said imploringly, "But he's just a funny sponge!!"

  4. Rebecca, the salad really made my palate sing! The limey goodness... the crispy coolness. Mmm. And, yes! The garden. It's a delight. My humble little garden.

    Melanee, thank you. Your continued encouragement over the long haul will be most appreciated!

    Oh, your Luke! He is a funny funny child, most certain to become a funny funny man.

  5. Anonymous8:38 AM

    hope you are having a wonderful celebration with ms dana! wish her a happy b-day from us.