Friday, June 24, 2005

Swan, Swan, Hummingbird....

I am wholly in Nesting Mode:

listening to a plethora of good sounds put on the stereo by the Beloved Mister: everything from Charlie Pool to Dwight Yaokam to Talking Heads.

I've torn my entire kitchen apart prior to preparing several cold salads for the weekend....

Witness the insane ToDoList I've been working from the last several days (though, actually, my father works these kinds of lists daily, outlined on a blue index card-- in this case, the apple fell far from the tree save for manic outbursts of productivity or this, the biological imperative of a pregnant woman gone happy-mad):

Re-pot tomato plants
Weed garden area
Get rid of debris
BBQ / Smoker on site
Pot up flowers, etc.
Yellow table to porch

Living Room:
Sort through paper / mags
File paper
Pay bills
Sweep floor
Mop floor
Organize current reading materials
Clean sofas
Eric hook up VCR

Dining Room:
Crate to basement
Big table to basement
Canning / Freezing supplies to basement
Round table upstairs
Sort through papers
File papers
Sweep Floor
Mop floor
Arrange bookshelves
Water plants / re-pot where needed

Bathroom / Foyer:
Organize linens
Launder clothing / linens
Clean commode
Clean tub
Clean shower curtains
Sweep floor
Mop floor
Dust shelving
Organize shelving
Run broom on ceiling / walls to dust
Sort clothing hanging on rack—put away

Prepare foods:
Texas Caviar
Pasta Salad
Pimiento Cheese

Wash dishes
Scour out sinks
Remove cabinet / fridge pics, art, magnets
Scrub outside of cabinets
Replace pics, art, magnets
Clean off shelving
Organize shelving
Water plants
Clean off window sills
Dust all – clean top of fridge & table
Recycle or use paper bags
Remove recycling to basement or recycle center
Organize fridge
Sweep floor
Mop floor

Recycle paper goods
Sort paper
File paper
Pay bills
Send correspondence
Balance checkbook
Organize shelving
Clean surfaces
Sweep floor
Mop floor

Sort through clothing
Out of season clothing put in bins
Post – maternity clothing put in bins
Cull clothing to give away
Launder clothing if needed
Sort clothing on rack—put away as needed
Utilize under bed boxes for E’s t-shirts
Organize baby clothing / toys / diapers in bins by size
Organize bookshelf
Take all unused / unneeded / out of season clothing to basement
Sweep Floor
Mop Floor

Vacuum & declutter van, replace seats

I am completely whack. This list is actually typed out and posted on the bulletin board in the kitchen, but I can't seem to help myself, and actually: I'm enjoying myself. Goddess bless the Mister, who is humoring me.

Back to it!!

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  1. Hope you and E and Z are having a wonderful weekend with the Folks.