Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Science Fiction Show: now playing!!

So I'm scurrying round cooking and cleaning, making ready for the Mister's folks to visit this weekend; I'm feeling great: good energy, pleasant spirits, physically comfortable. Plus which, this morning I figured out how to add some links to things I dig here on Ms. Booty Explains It All To You....

I feel a rumbling belly and I know I'm not hungry; I did eat breakfast, maybe I need a snack? I'm not due to eat lunch with my also pregnant pal, Em, until 12:30. But something is happening.

Standing in the middle of my messily industrious kitchen, I pull up my shirt to see my belly entirely shifted to the right, an unmistakable babe Booty pressing forward and out, making a lopsided peak of my roundness. And just as quickly-- looking not unlike watching from above the earth, an animal burrowing an underground tunnel-- my son's precious Boot scoots radically left, settles, shifts, settles, shifts.

I'd been warned by the girls I used to work with that this would occur, but as a first time and deliriously happy mama to be at the ripe and juicy age of 38, NOTHING they'd said could have prepared me for this amazing, spooky, funny, and delightful sight. The female body, in all it's maleable, receptive, remarkable beauty is a fascinating and wonderful thing to be!

Of course, I called the Beloved Mister immediately to describe these sensations and sights. Driving his truck and talking on the mobile, he laughed and laughed, telling me he'll be home this evening to watch the science fiction show with me.

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  1. So cool!

    Ziggy's "in utero" audition for Cirque de Soleil.....

    Blessed be.