Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First day of school in the year 2011.

No trouble getting the boy up. He is READY for the return to kindergarten after Winter Break. Ready with his share day item (a Bakugan character, carefully placed inside an index card file box,) a breakfast eaten (Cheerios with bananas and milk,) decked out in standard school attire (sizes 6 and 7, including his new fleece pullover from Diggy.)

After breakfast, he whispered to me, "I want my hair to look like Kendall's." And so he's blown right past the spiky faux hawk look for today, to wanting his hair to "look flat, with bangs, actually one bang, kind of pointing down, like this," he says, index finger pointed downward at a slant. Kendall is from modern The Monkees type show and band Big Time Rush, and the boy thinks he is very, very, very cool.

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