Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ziggy at almost five years old at bedtime.

"Can prayers fly? And if God is everywhere, covering everything, does He cover rats? And mosquitos? And chairs?" 

And then, he told me about how he bought his lunch in the cafeteria with one juice and one milk but he didn't know how to open them and no one heard him ask for help and then he cried, and I wept a little, too.

And since he has his pull out enrichment program he missed recess AND his class cookie dance party. 

And he missed his mom, because she had to work this afternoon and into the night, which is why he waited up.... 

There goes my heart. Outside my body. Not to college or to Europe like Sara's children, but just to the cafeteria at the elementary school in the middle of town, and still, it smarts.


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  1. We get the reminders that we can't be everywhere and everything for them. Even with mone (at 27 and 29) I still get those reminders. But I also get to have the conversations that let me know they have always felt the love, even now.