Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Heat Waves and Bread Salad, Praxis Exams and Going Bald to Kick Pediatric Cancer's Ass.

Gosh, I haven't been here in a long while.

There's work and school and the boy's school, and the Mister's school and work. There's laundry and baking and suppers to prepare. A heat wave to navigate. Parties to attend and make. New glasses and Levi's to shop up and wear, and Praxis exams for which to study study study.

There's a yard to mow and friends to see, children to love on and care for, snacks to individually bag and miles to drive every day. So much driving. More laundry, bedtime routines, magazine fundraising sales and room mother duties. There are grandparents to visit and to come to town, a dog to walk, a fish to bury. Playdates, and adult dates, and the calendar remains my brain. There's PTO and community outreach, and children's ministry and dishes to wash. A family to love. Life to live.

So I was on the radio a few weeks back, here. What do you think?

And I'm also going bald on October 30, to kick pediatric cancer's ass. Won't you give a little or a lot? And pass the word on, please?

It is the year of the child in my world. Raising one to become a fine man. He's five this week. Volunteering in the boy's classroom, working daily with kids at RIP, throwing my time and talents into children's ministry at church, going to soccer practices and games, toting extra children in booster seats, learning how to make a difference as a prospective elementary teacher, and mostly loving it all.

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  1. And you are doing a great job at all of them! See you later today at work!