Sunday, May 9, 2010

Help with a flood relief project?

Please do as SOON as you can. I need to be sure this works.

1) Write a hope, an inspirational thought or a prayer on a piece of cardboard or paper for those affected by the Nashville flood -- use markers or paint or whatever's easy.

2) Take a digital snap of you and / or  your family or another loved one holding the placard.

3) Attach the snap to an email, and add any text you want that is HOPEFUL, joyful, respectful, whatever.

4) Send the email to

5) See your post at

6) Share your post, and the above instructions to friends via your blog, email, on Facebook, list servs, bulletin boards, etc.

You may also wish to make a donation of your pennies, which will go directly to flood relief in Nashville via Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

Thank you, and let me know if you can do this.Comment below!!


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