Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday.

December 17, 2008

Dearest Teachers and Staff at CCC,

This dark early morning, as I finish up some small gifts in celebration of the season of wonder-- and in token appreciation of all you do—I am struck by some things I want to convey. I so wish I had time available to tell you each, or to handwrite it. Given time and circumstance, this will have to suffice. I trust you know how sincerely it is offered.

Born of necessity, I became a reluctant "school" mother who has, more and more, worked outside of my home. In the short space of the last half year, I have come to really appreciate my adult time working (and the familial benefits that reaps) AND the people who help make that possible: friends, family, and YOU. That my son is daily in a place where he feels loved and valued and experiences joy is impossible to measure. Your part in making things so for our little family is a blessing, beyond what you’ve been asked (or paid) for.

Each day upon arrival, I say a silent little thanks and prayer for my son, and for each of you, as you spend time together.

I offer these small gifts to you as a small show of all you mean to us. Our gifts aren't fancy; they are, however, infused with great appreciation, respect, and love.

Thank you so very very much for giving our boy your care.

Take joy in this season, marked by light and the innocence of the infant’s arrival,


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