Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday.

Today, and this week, I am thankful for:

-- a few nights here and there of Ziggy going down for sleep with only one parent, thus freeing the other up to attend to other things, and have a little "self time" as the boy calls it.

-- rain, rain, rain.

-- Hank being alive and air lift helicopters and Vanderbilt Hospital for taking good care of him. Hank is Hank, Sr. -- patriarch of the Delvin Family of our beloved Delvin Farms. As Ziggy prayed earlier tonight, "And please watch out for Hank. Because he was in a really bad car accident."

-- a night out with girlfriends.

-- healthier choices making a difference I can feel and see.

-- an excellent showing at today's single-payer health care reform rally, and the staff at Representative Cooper's office graciously granting us an audience.

-- chore lists that work.

-- patience and kindness in my heart, in my stance, in my voice --- when I can get it right.

-- walks with my dog.

-- that steak and eggs supper the other night.

-- the opportunity to love one another more. Even when -- nee, especially when -- it's not easy.

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