Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday.

And for this gift of food we say, for all God's loving care today,
Father, we thank Thee.
-- what we call The Michigan Blessing

Today and this week, I offer up gratitude for:

-- A new job. The opportunity to do good work that matters, and to provide for my family.

-- Less snot. Seriously. Though still kind of a lot.

-- Less coughing. Which also means more comfort in general.

-- More clothes than my child can wear, the better to share them with other families!

-- More healthful food choices. Feeling better.

-- The insight and self knowledge that encouraged my husband to take a run after work, then go out to see friends and hear music.

-- (As of next week) Finally finishing our commitment to Regional Intervention Program (RIP) with whom Ziggy and I have spent much time over the last nine months.

-- Holding babies Sam and Asher this week. So sweet.

-- An evening of alone time when I got the boy down so easily, and the husband went out. So much productivity! Such longed for quiet.

-- Some really stellar smallish bananas from Trader Joes.

-- Zebra tomatoes, roma tomatoes, big Zach tomatoes, early girls, and so on....

-- Plenty of rain.

-- Strangely cool weather.

-- Something I might call growing wisdom with age. Yeah. I think that's it. Kind of settling down, without losing focus.


  1. You and Ziggy will be missed at RIP! But's it's good to know that I can still watch the youngun grow!