Monday, March 26, 2007

Coffee Kitty.

Today I asked Ziggy what he wanted for lunch.

"Coffee," he said, without hesitation.

He's been feeling punk & puny and his normally healthy appetite can be whet with little. A "Newton" (fig, that is) is at the top of the "want" foodchain. Even the usually tempting homemade vegetable soup that he told me to make for supper didn't hold appeal. That could, though, have something to do with eighty five degree weather (it's March, for goodness sake!) and no A/C and hotter in the house than out of doors.

The pollen kicked into high gear last week and the cough it produced for Zig led to infection. Shutdown Day(s) was not spent as happily as hoped, but tending my irritable toddler who sported a fever greater than one hundred and refused to wear clothing much of the weekend. The naked highjinks that ensued (climbing up and down the Learning Tower, jumping from the wooden Coca-cola crate, thrashing about with discomfort and dissatisfaction) led to a frighteningly lurid bruise which his pediatrician prounounced this morning a not uncommon "straddle injury."

We're all a bit crabby this evening. The babe and I have been up, save for a highly coerced nap late today, since about 3:30 this morning. Before the sun was fully up, we all three, plus Bert the Dog, took to the streets and went for a walk in answer to Ziggy's cry of "Side!" That helped dispositions quite a bit early on today, and while walking up Chapel Avenue mere blocks from our home, My Beloved Mister pointed to a porch on a lovely expansive home. Mewing there quite loudly at us was our dear Junie Moon! Our half feral mama Maine Coon, who's been missing since early January, despite our looking and posting notices and several false sightings.

Junie followed us about halfway home, then stalled out.

I reckon we'll be seeing her regularly and she may or may not determine to come home. My relief at knowing that she'd not been hit by a car was enormous.

Coffee. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

(That's cocoa in the picture, by the by, after a cold afternoon of outdoor play some weeks ago.)

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