Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh, yum.

Those honkin' tomatoes were so amazingly delicious last night with cold slices of ham (gifted us from my mother, who purchased them from her church's hosting of a supper to raise money for the Lost Boys of Sudan) and CSA corn on the cob as well as a variation on colcannon using CSA potatoes and that Swiss chard.

I'm still on the hunt for a "school" for Ziggy, though am narrowing the search. He'll be hanging with some friends from our wonderful homeschooling community for the first part of today while I go in to work some with the exiting coordinator at the Peace & Justice Center.

There's a CSA pick up this afternoon, and I'm attending what promises to be a savvy event hosted by Nashville's Social Media Club at the Center for Non-Profit Management: Social Media for Social Good.

I'm not kicking this cough and its attendant difficulties with the speed I'd hope, and sleep has been fitful. I figure I'll wear myself out good today, then sleep well tonight.

I'm trying to get myself to enjoy black coffee. Or just switch over to green tea.

For now, there are lunches to pack, dishes to do, bodies to be made ready for the day that lies ahead.....

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