Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tasty today.

So a little family emergency put me off my game yesterday. The take away supper I wrote of will go today.

Right now in the oven: a simple Amish bread pudding. Set aside for final bake-off at its delivery destination: sausage, apple and cornbread stuffed acorn squash. Grated Pecorino Romano cheese will garnish it out of the oven, and a spinach, carrot and raisin salad with a balsamic-mustard vinaigrette is in the fridge.

Our family will enjoy the same supper once the boy and I arrive home after our family school class at RIP. As I often do these nights, I'll leave a note for the mister to preheat the oven and pop the casserole dish in to bake through.

No one posted recipes for the above yesterday, but I'd still love to see what you do if you've got an idea. I pored over my books and looked online, then utilized what I had on hand.

Oh, and after a partial winter hiatus on composting, I'm back at it.


  1. I'd love your Amish bread pudding recipe! And while I'm not a huge fan of carrots, I may try the carrot/raisin/spinach salad combo. I've been really into fruits on salads lately and love to do chopped apple/feta/roasted pecans over spinach or a spring field mix. I've enjoyed browsing your blog after reading your comment on mine - how did you find mine?

  2. WG: I was perusing my blog stats the other day. There were a number of searches done on google the day Melissa died that led to my blog. And another to yours. You and I had both mentioned our experience of hearing of her passing, though neither of us knew her well. Her family is on my heart so strongly....

    Also: I'll post recipes soon.