Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Only that somehow we will.

Ziggy and I did a whirlwind 1300 miles with my mother from Friday to Monday afternoon—drove her to deep East Texas to the Hightower family reunion and May Day (Decoration Day).

Occasionally cranky but generally lovely grandmother, tired middle aged mother / daughter and wild spirited toddler all did well, despite blinding rain and foul weather in general and having crossed the Mississippi River three times on the way there (a feat which honest to goodness put us BEHIND the tornado that flipped cars and trucks all over the interstate—we sat in traffic at a full stop for over an hour while reading books, eating peanut butter and saltines and managing one poopy diaper change.)

I’m catching up on email, and leaning fully into supporting the national Mother’s Day events that are happening across the country and pulling off my own here in Nashville, and trying to tie up all the loose ends to get my Mothers Acting Up work completed by month’s end and replace my former income. I do our 3rd Annual Mother’s Day Peace Parade this weekend, present at the Tennessee Alliance for Progress annual conference next weekend, and make an all too brief Michigan run north for my husband's family gathering. Two familial decoration days in one month. And in two separate regions.

I have had over $3500 worth of dental work done the last three consecutive Tuesdays and a few more to go. Lots of mouth pain like I never knew existed, and thoughts of returning to wait tables to pay for it. I don’t know how we’ll make it all work, only that somehow we will.

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  1. Sorry, I am just now catching up!

    I did something similar with my long-postponed dental work last year.

    Although I have to say, it was one of the first times I've ever spent so much on ME, and I'm awfully proud I did it.

    Here's to taking care of ourselves!