Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where I'm Barefoot....

Hey y’all!!

In preparation for my official launch on May 1, please peruse my new site, and start making out a list of books or other wonderful goods to order. I’ll do one VERY large order all at once--just prior to May 1, it looks like-- and hand deliver or mail your choices. (If you know what you want straight away, email me!) You’ll be hearing more details very soon, including how you can host home parties for friends and family where you’ll earn Barefoot Books and other Barefoot gifts for opening your home for a Ms. Booty Homemaker’s Barefoot Books adventure (I’ll even bring a snack—it’s ALL about the snacks, you know)!!

(If you can’t possibly wait until the group order, or you live far away and want books NOW(!) you CAN order through the website; I'll get credit!)

Please feel free to pass the word along. I aim to be YOUR go-to Mama for sustainably produced high quality children’s literature and other lovelies like puppets, puzzles, and Putumayo…. There are choices for all occasions, and all budgets. Let me know if I can make recommendations for age group or interest.

I genuinely appreciate your support of me and my new (ad)venture.

With all good wishes,

Paige La Grone Babcock, of Ms. Booty Homemaker’s Barefoot Books

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