Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Seeking freelance projects!

Dear friends and colleagues,

As a result of tightening resources and narrowing strategies, my position with Mothers Acting Up is being dissolved. My tenure as National Outreach Coordinator closes out by June 1, though I will take on some freelance projects as they come up for MAU and continue to organize the local community in part. It’s a great mission, and a wonderful organization.

I am officially launching my Barefoot Books stallholder business May 1 and will be in touch with many of you about how you can help support that effort. If you *do* want to be kept abreast of my Barefoot business, please let me know. I’m building my website and mailing list now.

In the meantime, as of mid to late May, I’m looking to take on freelance writing, content provision, editing and other projects that will allow me to principally remain at home to raise and homeschool my son, as well as provide for my family’s financial needs. Please keep me in mind for projects as they emerge.

Thank you so much.

Ms. Booty Homemaker

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