Friday, March 14, 2008

Overheard from the kitchen....

Ziggy: Daddy, I want some cheese in a green bowl.

Daddy: In a green bowl?

(nosy Mama Booty reminds Daddy that the coveted green bowl is currently in the bathroom holding soap, a fact which Ziggy is well aware of. We go through the green bowl routine several times a day.)

Ziggy: Cheese in a bowl.

Daddy: OK. I'll get right on that. The green bowl is....

Ziggy: And can I have some nuts?

Daddy: Some NUTS? What kind of nuts?

(again, nosy Mama Booty suggests that nuts are not so odd a snack request, we eat them daily and currently have both peanuts and almonds.)

Ziggy: Walgreen nuts, Daddy.


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