Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not a good idea.

One late afternoon / early evening this week:

We're in the kitchen, the boy in his Learning Tower. Daddy's working late as per many nights these days. It's been a long day with biting and hitting and kicking. We've just spent an hour outside in the cold running around with Bert the dog, burning off some excess energy. Indoors, I'm preparing an early supper-- simple grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup-- and give the boy a cup of cocoa while the other things are being prepared.

Ziggy: "I want more cocoa, Mommy. I want my grilled cheese! I want more cocoa and grilled cheese now, Mommy!"

Ms. Booty: "Babe, I'm getting it all together as quickly as I can. You've had plenty of cocoa to start and it will just be a few minutes on the soup and sandwich."

Ziggy: "Mommy, the way you are talking to me is not a good idea."

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  1. Megan6:33 PM

    Hahaha! :) Hes getting a little lippy...Just wait until the Christenson/Erickson gene starts to come out a little more.....As my dad tells me...You act more and more like a part of the sisterhood every day. I guess in Olens case it would be brotherhood though... ;)