Sunday, December 16, 2007

How did that happen?

One evening recently, My Beloved Mister and I were talking about cool things we'd done in our lives. Things we'd enjoyed, felt proud of, were awed by, and so on. I asked My Mister what he thought I'd say was my all time coolest thing I'd done professionally, to which he replied, "Well, you pretty much have a dream job with an exceptional national organization...." Yes, that's true, I admitted (and each day, I am more thankful for this wonderful part of my --nee, OUR-- lives.)

BUT, as I shared with My Mister, the flat out COOLEST?: Being in the Swedish Public Television Pippi documentary at eight plus months pregnant. Total cool out of my wildest dreams delight. A windfall wonder: just fun, and so, "how in the world??" It was, as my son said a few mornings ago as I folded laundry on the bed, "There's a bib on the bed, Mama! How did THAT happen?"

As I wrote in Mean Magazine nearly a decade ago, "What I especially loved, as a little girl and teenager who so often felt hideously ugly, inadequate and physically wrong wherever I showed up, is that Pippi, incarnated by Inger Nilsson, is everything that a girl going through that awkward stage is: big-thoothed, knock-kneed, cow-licked, and a little dirty."

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