Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's just that good.

Briefly, I had my back turned after having made the boy one of his cherished PB & J sandwiches and putting on his recent favorite Hackensaw Boys CD, Love What You Do. (We've been fans of these guys since fairly early in what they were doing, and while the band has changed a lot with no original members taking full part, we celebrate them !! Love What You Do is sort of last of the old guard and serves as vehicle for a lot of David Sickmen's really sweet and funny and gentle songs.... we dig it but good. Ziggy's been singing Dave 's "Alabama Shamrock" and dancing to Rob Bullington's "Cannonball" all morning.)

Between the jigs and the singing and the sandwich making I turned ‘round, and this gorgeous Mixed Berry Spreadable Fruit face was peering back at me. He’d tried to drink from the jar!!

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