Tuesday, October 2, 2007


The first day of school away from homel!
It went VERY well for the boy!!

When I arrived to pick him up, he was holding his spotted kitty and his copy of The Little Engine That Could. He looked up and smiled, then hugged me soooooooo tight. He said he had a "good time."

Miss Johni said he never cried, but the bottom lip trembled right around naptime-- she rocked him until he was very relaxed. And then again with the trembling bottom lip when he woke. (He slept! on the nap mat!) -- that's when she got him his special book to look at at.

Ziggy actually napped for an hour! The teachers had him do everything last so he could have it all modeled by the other kids first. He caught on fast, they say. The "papers they give to mommy" say:

"I had fun.... wearing the mr. Potato Head glasses, putting a basket on my head to make the teachers smile, and I like the sand blocks best in musik."

For lunch I ate: "a lot"

Disposition: "Happy, busy, curious"

Comments: "Great first day! Did not want to make a craft today, but that will come."

I'll leave off the timing of the diaper change, but I will share that Miss Johni said he had a lot of gas after waking from his nap!

I am SO RELIEVED that he was not at all in distress and that he remained so content all afternoon beyond school. We're so proud of our little fellow!

At bedtime, we talked more about the school day and raised hands for lots of questions, like,
Who had a nap on a nap mat today?
Who took his lunch in his lunch box today?
Who has a teacher named Miss Linda?
Who got to play on the playground with Lily and Jet and Sully?
Who sang a song about a merry go round?
Who had a fun time at his new school today?

I fell into slumber with the boy very early in the evening, waking hours later to go crump up with my Mister in the boy's bed where he was reading where we marveled over our boy's independence and his first big step away from us and how crazy huge we love him.....

And this morning we're shaking a tail feather to ready for a a little friend to arrive. I'll be minding her a day or so a week while her folks are at school and work. Ziggy is beside himself with anticipation.

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  1. Aw, WTG, Ziggy!!! And, WTG, MAMA!!! It sounds like both of you did a fantastic job on the first day.