Monday, October 1, 2007

And the day arrived....

Little time to post, as I'm really trying to engage these hours in WORK WORK WORK, but wanted to check in to say that my boy is at his first day of the Mother's Day Out program! His name came up on the wait list and so he began this morning!

We talked about how the day would happen, got his gear all ready, his things labeled (with masking tape for now, Mabel's Labels are on order; Ziggy even wanted to make some of his own labels on the tape, pronouncing "Ziggy Backpack!") I packed him a lovely little lunch: whole wheat pasta w/ homemade yummy veggie salsa, cantaloupe, raisins, pretzels. And a string cheese. Water in his Kleen Kanteen. He's got his backpack w/ a blanket for naptime, change of clothing in a ziplock, a beloved book (The Little Engine that Could), and his dear little spotted kitty. Also, his "fwavorite" hotwheel-- a sexy little gold number-- tucked into the pocket of his cargo shorts. He's wearing a pair of tie dye Maggie's organics socks that my friend Leslie gave him for his birthday-- he LOVES them.

We got there early. Played on the playground. Saw old and new friends. Settled into classroom-- there's a sweet hook with his name for his backpack, a shelf for his lunch. a cubby for his napmat and a file system for his paper diapers.

Ziggy went right up the steps this morning and announced, "This is Ziggy's school!" In the the classroom, with the rest of the Chickadees, he showed Miss Joni and Miss Linda that his car was in his pocket, checked out a couple toys and settled right in at the table with the other children for their snack before Kindermusik. I kissed him and said I loved him. He took it all in as easy as you please, and I departed. A few tears were shed (by me, as I drove toward home.) I passed My Beloved Mister block from our house as he was going to work. We did a quick trade of words and a shared sigh at this big morning, following a big fun family weekend of a combo house warming / fall harvest and big boy birthday party! My family all came in from East Tennessee, the Mister and I took the entire weekend off and our home was full of good friends, delicious food, and fellowship. We've now got both a swingset AND a sandbox in the back yard, thanks to the generosity of friends passing theirs along, and the whole new to us setup got broken in good with our Fall Fiesta, including pinata!

I do hope it's a fun and exciting day for the boy. And that mama will be productive!!

I'll pick him up this afternoon, and when I can, I'll share some readying photos and other news.

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  1. Aw, Paige! What a bittersweet day for you! Of course it is hard, but Zig seems to have completely been prepared for it and happy to go. It may take a week for the reality of all to sink in with him (and for some leg-clinging when you drop him off) but I am quite sure school will be an enriching experience for him.

    Hooray to you, hooray to your man, and hooray to your getting-bigger-daily little man.