Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cake. Man. Love.

The Mister's birthday was Saturday. A poor night of sleep with a 3 AM waking that went for hours nixed our annual birthday weekend morning pumpkin farm trip but we still picnicked at the radio station and went (albeit briefly) to the over-the-top not-gonna-do-that-again Shriner's Circus. (Clowns, especially motorcycle driving Shriner clowns, really ARE creepy!) And over the weekend, I prepared our family favorite birthday cake. This time, as with friend Kate's cake a few months ago, I subbed organic frozen blueberries and almond extract for the cranberries. If you haven't yet made this basic sour cream coffee cake, do already! We've had it for birthdays for many years in my nuclear family, at our wedding, and for all kinds of brunchy or other "special" occasions.

Happy birthday, Babe.

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