Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The boy has been up since 5:45 and has been talking nearly non-stop.

"There's dirt down there." (I tell him it's cinnamon that Mommy put down to keep the ants out) "Spilled it down there," he says. "See the antses?" (Cinnamon's no longer keeping them at bay.)

"A branch fell from that tree today. Is that tree sad, Mommy? Is that tall tree sad? Is that tall tree okay? Is it fine?"

"You have bubbles in your coffee."

"[Ziggy] wants canteloupe. Don't like mango."

"A little dog came by last night."

"Is that bird singing? I hear something!"

"I heard something else. It is a car. Who honked it? Go see car."

Currently he's playing with cars and trains a few feet away and talking, "Now here we go. How are you doing? I am fine. Look over there."

One train to another, "I'm stuck. Down in a tree."

Other train: "Oh, no!"

First train: "I'm fine down in the tree."

This child isn't even two and he's just getting started. I can hardly wait to hear whta kind of stuff he's going to be telling me in a year. My mother keeps telling me that it'll be a long time before I have any room to feel lonely since Ziggy is likely to keep me company and talk my ears off at least until he's a teen / preteen and thinks I'm too poopy to talk to.

(Also, he's already dissing clothing I choose for him to wear. "No overalls. Don't like them. Just shorts. Just big shorts. Bug shorts or just green shorts.")

I can't imagine how my child came by his deeply held opinions!

*photo by Keel
Hunt at the East Nashville Tomato Art Festival over the weekend.

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