Friday, June 22, 2007

Template for letter to support the public library.

(For greater scoop on the library cuts, look here.)

Template for letter to send in support of the public library to:

Dear Public Servants,

I write today to request that you represent the many Nashvillians who oppose budget cuts to our public library. As a citizen and a parent strongly vested in community building and cultural offerings on an equal playing field, I ask you to stand strong for our public library’s programming.

The proposed cuts would reduce children’s programming at the downtown library alone by a minimum of one third, thereby denying our smallest citizens a rich cultural resource and punishing our city’s next generation of leaders by our misguided sense of balance. I encourage you to contact me to speak further about this issue, and thank you in advance for your response.

With all good wishes and hope for all our children,


[organization if applicable]

[titles, like these: mother, outreach coordinator, community organizer, tax payer]


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